Ghost White Sea Bass Black Shirt Front

GHOST! LEGALS Collection: Short Sleeve Premium Tee - unisex


GHOST! The White Sea Bass is know as the Ghost because they are around one moment and - POOF - they gone the next. An absolute prize catch on the West Coast. Zero Trace "Legal" Collection: Bold images of prized catches on the front & their legal length on the back!  On our Premium Tri-Blend svbdvsn tee with super soft-touch vinyl applique designs. Hand finished in Los Angeles, CA USA #zerotrace allegiancetothesea #nothingleftbehind

  • product info

    • Premium Tri-Blend:50 % Poly • 25% Cotton • 25% Rayon
  • care:

    • Machine Wash Cold
    • Tumble Dry Low - Inside Out (protects your shirt's designs / logos)
    • Do Not Iron Over Applied Logos